Where’s That?

Post an interesting picture that isn’t of  one of the usual scenic suspects on Skye and that’s the first question.

Well. Here are some answers…

This is Lusa Bay. It’s at the far end of Ashaig airstrip and is where the Met Office has a weather station.  It’s a bit of a lurch and a stumble through bog and heather to get to the shore but once there you have a view of most of the Inner Sound and Beinn na Caillich. An excellent quick dash out for a photo spot for me. Except when I fall and end up having to take my cut leg to A & E.

This is Loch na Dal. Most people know it as where the Kinloch Lodge hotel  is. To me it’s where you can get some interesting winter morning reflections and refractions when the loch surface is calm. As with most places in Skye it involves a squelchy approach then slippy rocks. Fun with a tripod and backpack.

This is the far side of Dunscaith castle near Tokavaig in Sleat. After the obligitory stumble through bog and moss there is a tremendous view from the cliffs near the ruined castle. Then there is the fun of a scramble down a steep  bouldery slope to an equally rocky shore where a stumble could mean that you are stuck out of sight, sound and phone reception with a broken ankle….

This is Badacaul. It’s on the mainland but has a beautiful view of Skye.  It also is one of my favourite places to sit back and let the world get on with whatever it’s rushing to do.

This is Kintyre. We lived and shared many pictures from there. We post so many images of Skye it’s easy to assume that all our pictures are from there. Not so. In a country of hidden photographic gems that people drive walk and climb to find Kintyre stands proud and shouts it’s beauty and drama. And gets ignored. Big mistake, it has big beaches, big views, big sea, big waves and big sunsets.  

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