The Saturday Morning Photo School

Mrs L365, or Rosie as everybody else calls her, is a clever person. She is highly qualified – she has two degrees! – She is also a very nice person, far too nice for the likes of me. She is also a brilliant photographer with an artistic eye for composition and an inquisitive mind for the technical aspects of taking a photograph and how far boundries and rules can be pushed. In short she is the perfect person to learn from. It was only a matter of time before she would start running photography classes.


So it came to pass. There was a little light advertising on social media, interest was raised and a date set. On June the 22nd history would be made. On that day the inaugural Love Skye Photography photo class would take place.

It was to be held in our local village hall which is not only local but also just the right size and has excellent natural light too.


On the day there were 5 people attending. That was as many Rosie wanted at each class.  I was pressed into service to supply catering and crèche. I made lots of coffee buns and chocodoodles. There was a fine El Salvadorian coffee supplied by the Isle of Skye Coffee Company. I was also in charge of our two little “models” who were to be photographed later. One of the attendees baby sitter fell through so I had one of our son’s school mates as well. No problem as our daughter played games on her Mums phone and the two boys were hunched over their Nintendo DS’s. Dead easy.

I occasionally bustled through to refill coffee cups and to look in dismay at biscuits rapidly disappearing. Between the photo class and the children the coffee buns and chocodoodles were taking a pounding.


Look! I got to offer some advice. I don’t know if anybody listened though. The picture bottom left was a “Aaah, I get it now” moment. Somebody mentioned that our house always looked so tidy in our Facebook pictures. Those others attending who knew our house snorted, guffawed and giggled. This picture was taken to show how we use the camera to disguise the fact that our house is most definitely not really tidy.

Rosie had the class engrossed. She easily and clearly demystified the workings of a camera. For those with a DSLR she described it’s basic functions and the advantages of using them in manual. To those with a compact camera she showed them how to get the maximum out of them (though it didn’t take those people long to decided that as soon as they got home the search for a DSLR was going to commence)


I’m not sure that everybody expected that there would be quite so much kneeling, crawling and lying down involved in take a photo…

There were many revelations of the sneaky camera tricks Rosie used and this resulted in copious note taking. I occasionally chipped in with some of my landscape comments mainly to try to distract people from the biscuits. To no avail. Mrs L365 would then impart another pearl of wisdom and everybody said “ah, I see” and have another coffee bun in celebration of their increase in knowledge. There was going to be very little left for me…

There was meant to be an outdoor element to the class but outdoor elements conspired against this. Mainly the water element, which fell from the sky copiously. When it didn’t rain  another element – the air – was filled with midges. That made sure they only went outdoors briefly. This wasn’t a problem as the class seemed to be enjoying taking pictures, comparing pictures and asking questions.

2013-06-22_0005                              I did say the light in the village hall is great didn’t I?

As the coffee and biscuits ran out it was time for the class to finish. After a last minute flurry of questions and note taking Rosie wrapped things up.

… till the next class.

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