Rock and Roll and Surf and Sunsets


I once went to a Frankie Miller tribute concert at the Glasgow Barrowlands when Joe Walsh played Rocky Mountain Way. It was the perfect musical occasion. A favourite song played by a kick ass band in a great venue. Hairs stood up, chills went down my spine and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with happiness. This happens when I walk onto a stormy beach. This is like my favourite band playing in an intimate venue just for me with sound and visuals provided by nature. I love it.IMG_0005RThere is the crash of waves on the shore. Sometimes it isn’t a crash. It can be a sudden dull detonation as a curling trough of water collapses onto the beach with an enormous WUMP that you can feel through your feet. Then, the whoosh of the sea retreating from the sand. If you are on a pebbly beach then there is a loud SHHHH as the shingle on the shore is dragged and rolled towards the surf. Sometimes the sea is so furious, the wind so strong and the waves  so close together that there is a constant roar that overwhelms you and makes you shiverIMG_2618RIf the sun is setting the light can be stunning. A backdrop no amount of projections, lasers and vari-lights can compete with. The sun fighting it’s way through clouds that are rushing landwards and the shafts and beams from the sinking sun that suddenly appear are breathtaking.

IMG_4487RIMG_4809Rf the sun sets in a clear sky then you can be overwhelmed by the sheer power of the colours. The vibrancy and the scale of the blues and the greens that change to yellow then oranges then reds and then it all returns to blue, deep dark blue before all is dark. IMG_5783RIMG_5926RWhen the sea and the shore come into contact the sight and sound of waves hitting rocks can be spectacular. The thudding crash of the water striking the rock is a collision that can be felt in your chest and the spray of the sea is so wonderful to witness that you stand mesmerized waiting for the next wave. I like how the sea retreats after overwhelming the rocky shore. It inundates the rocks then seeks it’s way back to the surf around and under the stones making patterns on the shore that make such great photographs.IMG_9609RIMG_9948RI can come home from a trip to the shore to take a photograph exhausted. Not so much from the exertion of getting there but from the exhilaration of having been there.

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