Life should Be Like A Warm Scone

Getting out and taking photos is cathartic.  Nothing trumps being on a beach at sunset in nice weather for making you feel better (some may say sunrise, but I would disagree. It is a lot warmer at sunset than sunrise and you don’t have the where-the-Hell-am-I-and-what-am-I-doing feeling caused by getting out of bed at  too early o’clock).


Just before sunset at Ashaig. It’s got reflection, ripples and tons of colour. It’s also got 3 billion midges. I didn’t hang around to watch the sun set.

The sound of the sea, the light, the idiot barking of an Assistant who thinks that this time the oystercatcher will make a mistake and stay on the ground and then it will be his, yipyipyip, barkbarkbark, yelpyelpyelp, etc. The obsessive compulsive digging of the other assistant who has got sand all over her tennis ball. This means she can’t pick it up because it makes her tongue feel funny (the decomposing road kill rabbit she tried to eat recently didn’t seem to cause her tongue any problems though) so she feverishly digs a great big hole around the ball whilst whining and growling dementedly. However, the sand is warm (ish). The view is magnificent. The colours are inspiring. The scent of summer is reviving (except on the beaches with seaweed on them, great banks of kelp get washed up onto some and they really smell very bad. The obvious answer to that is we don’t go to those beaches very often).IMG_6970A

The 5 sisters of Kintail. Beautiful light and colour and huge amounts of luck at being in the right place at the right time.

When the sun is setting and the light becomes weaker as colours become stronger the patterns on the sea hypnotize me.  Bold reds, oranges, golds and pinks of the setting sun dance rhythmically with silvers and blues of the water. Sometimes these dances are interrupted by seals and otters breaking the surface. Sometimes I remember to stop watching the amazing world around me and take its photograph

After a visit to the beach problems dissipate and all in all our life is really quite nice, a bit like a warm fresh scone.


The mainland from Sleat, though all I could see was the spreading pattern on the water. 


Elgol just after the sun had set. I love how the waves on the shore turned silver when I used a long exposure. IMG_9289A

Badicaul, where I seem to gravitate to whenever there is a dramatic sunset. The light and the colours there are perfect .

Life Should be Like a Warm SconeA

Sometimes, as you can see, it is so nice on the beach little fairies appear eating sweets, and like assistants, get in the way of your shot. 


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