An Introduction

13th February 2010 Landscapes365 – An Introduction

When Caesar rode in triumph along the Via Triumphalis a slave stood behind him on the chariot quietly reminding him of his mortality. In our case it is the large voice of a small child saying “why are we going to photos Mummy/Daddy its rubbish!”

When we started out with this photographic endeavour we fondly imagined that our children would be as enthusiastic as us, but apparently standing around peering through a camera at some of the spectacularly beautiful scenery we have here is “rubbish” as it doesn’t involve running over, jumping on or falling in the scenery. They like the end product, so I’m sure they will come to enjoy the actual taking of the photograph, eventually.

Unfortunately, other members of the family are more than eager to assist. Our two dogs. Enthusiastic as they are their lack of brains, and thumbs, make them poor choices as assistants.

Still they are very keen. Our spaniel insists on sticking close, very close. If I turn from the tripod to go to the camera bag 3 times out of 4 I will fall over him. The 4th time I find him shaking himself dry on the bag after an invigorating dip in the nearby sea or river. Someday I will remember to close the bag.

Our other dog is a large black huntaway cross, something like a rangy Labrador. She has, she believes, star quality and will illuminate every picture, so does her best to get in all of them.

So what should be a quiet, peaceful pursuit sometimes descends into a cacophony of pleas to children. “Come back!” And demands to dogs. “Go away!” It can get a little stressful.

Actually it is wonderful, it is a rare privilege to be able to work while being with your family, even if they won’t stay put or get out of shot.

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