Late Call…

IMG_1869AEvery night our dogs – The Assistants – need to pee. In our old life when we had an acre of garden we opened the door said “Bunnies!” and slammed the door behind them. The door was opened 10 minutes later and hopefully whatever they needed to do was done. If it hadn’t, well, they had their chance. Quite often I would see the dogs walking across the garden noses to the ground very slowly following a hedgehog that has the pedal to floor trying to get away. I never knew why the hedgehog didn’t just curl up like it was meant to. Sometimes Junior Assistant would come in foaming at the mouth trying to get rid of his tongue after licking another toad. More often than not they came in soaking and cold. That didn’t matter, I was bone dry, warm and cosy. All was good.


The Committee road in Breakish where you can find the Asistants and myself dodging the rain and cars late every night.

Now we live in Skye we have a tiny garden and I have to take the dogs out for a walk. In rain, sleet, snow, hurricane force winds or freezing cold icy nights we trudge along the road for a quarter of a mile and back again. I now experience the nocturnal delights with the dogs. I get to hear the strange and unsettling sounds of nocturnal birds. I smell wood smoke and salt on the breeze. I can see stars in the clear unpolluted sky. I also get to show my lack of knowledge by not knowing what the birds were or which constellations I was looking at.
IMG_1869AI had taken the camera out with the intention of illustrating this blog. I was more than a little surprised when the northern lights appeared in the shots, it’s very late in the aurora season to see them.

On nights which are cloudless I get to marvel at all sorts of things without knowing what they are or analysing them. I can quite happily look up and enjoy the sky’s stunning beauty in a happy ignorance. I have no idea how many suns make up the milky-way but I can still stand beneath it and gaze at its magnificence. I know that the aurora borealis is caused by a coronal mass ejection but when you are staring dumfounded at the pretty lights flickering, dancing, shimmering and glowing above the northern horizon who cares?


It is difficult walking along the road while staring out over the sea. One night I will end up in a ditch!

I can admire birds for flying at night without banging into things while happily not knowing what sort of bird they were.

Just to be able to see such incredible things and let the Assistants have a pee at the same time is enough for me.


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