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A photographic cliche is that there are no bad cameras just bad photographers. Not true, there are plenty of really bad cameras and my parents owned most of them.  My parents bought every new gadgety type of camera that came out. Each worse than the one before. From 110 instamatics to the nadir of photography the disc camera. They happily took  photographs that looked awful. It was as if they were trying to put me off photography. They failed.  Rosie’s parents had a good camera but were determined to get at least one blurred finger in every shot. A shot that captured the instant a few seconds after something interesting happened.  It may explain our zeal in wanting to help others take the best photographs they can.

There are choices… We run group and individual courses.

You can have a 3 hour individual session for £180.  By individual we of course mean for two people. We have found that partners buy a voucher for tuition for their loved one because it is something they themselves want to do. So we encourage both of you to come.

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An all day individual course for £395. This is two 3 hour session with an hour break for lunch.  This is again an individual session for two people…

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A group course is for 3  to 6 people (any more than that and it gets unweidly) and costs £95 per person for a 3 hour session and £175 for the all day option.

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