• That's me. I take photographs. I write blogs, magazine articles, books and help people with their social media.

    Along with my wife Rosie (of Love Skye Photography fame) I live on the beautiful isle of Skye. We have children and dogs. The dogs are more famous than we are.

    Our photographs are on walls in living rooms, lounges, halls, up stairs, in bedrooms and probably more than one or two bathrooms. They are in offices, shops and galleries. They are in books, magazines and leaflets. They are on websites, blogs and videos. They are used wherever something needs to look better.

    Rosie takes wedding pictures and portraits. She is very good at this, here is a link to her website to prove it LOVE SKYE PHOTOGRAPHY

    I take landscape photographs. I also take product and commercial photographs. These are quite solitary pursuits.

    That is why I enjoy our photo tuition courses. It means I get to talk to real people while taking photographs instead of chatting to our dogs or sheep or cows or seals.